Dedicated to improving health and lowering health care costs for employers and their employees.

Who Are We?

Coalition Services is an organization solely dedicated to improving health and lowering health care costs for self-funded employers who have collectively come together with a named identity within the local community.

What Do We Do?

Coalition Services provides the management expertise to develop, organize and manage groups of employers’ self-funded healthcare programs and develop collaborative partnerships with the local provider community. Coalition Services works with the employers’ data partners to make their health care data useable and resourceful for benefit management and provider negotiations.

What is Our Vision?

Our vision is to work with the employers in developing and maintaining strategies for continued successes in their relationships with health care providers and their vendors (third party administrators, prescription drug managers, consultants, brokers and others). There is one common principle that we always keep in mind, and that is that “health care is a community issue”.

Our Services

We work exclusively with self-funded employers who have agreed to join together as a coalition to discuss their health care concerns surrounding access and affordability and have a willingness to work with their local community for the common good of their employees’ health.

We provide management, education and information to help make the best health care decisions for the employer coalitions that we represent.

Our role is threefold: first, it is to market new membership to employers in the geographic area to grow the business health care coalition and strengthen its presence with the provider community; secondly, it is to work with each employer individually as a purchaser of health care services in the identification of their cost drivers; and, lastly our role is to work with the provider community in developing strategies to reduce the employer liability for health care costs through collaborative and contractual relationships.